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August 14, 2011
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Sonic and Silver walked outside around the sidewalk having their conversation, while enjoying the warm rays the sun gave them.
"So, what happened with you and Shadz after you both came back to your rooms?" Silver curiously asked.
"Long story actually...." Sonic trailed off with his words. He blushed as he thought of the romantic he and Shadow had back at the room.
Silver looked at the blue hedgehog's tinted cheeks and suddenly had an idea about what might have gotten down with the two.
"I have a feeling Shadow went all mushey woshy on you." Silver replied with a laugh.
"I guess you could say that...." Sonic said, his face becoming much more tinted.
"So what happened?" Silver asked the blushing hedgehog once more.


"So Sonic..."Shadow began, "The offer of being mine is still up on the market."  He winked at the blue hedgehog.
Sonic giggled at Shadow's statement. Before he could move on to the answer, his eyes moved away from him and started to focus on the tape that separated the room in half.
"Before I say anything else....we need to do something about the tape in the middle." Sonic said, pointing at the gray duck tape.
Shadow chuckled at him and rolled his eyes. "I'll take care of that what do you say?"
Sonic gave it one last thought. He then looked up at his Shadowy partner and began nodding his head.
"Yes, I will be your boyfriend." He responded with a smile.
With that said, Shadow's smile grew into a grin and he gave his now new partner a little peck in the lips, to seal their deal.

--End of Flashback---

"So you and Shadow are official now?" Silver said with a little delight in his voice.
Silver gave him a smile and gently pat the hedgehog on the back.
"Congratulations, buddy. It's funny, because when you came in, you said you were as straight as a stick."
Sonic laughed at Silver's statement, because he was so right. Sonic remembered the first day when he told Silver he wasn't really interested in guys, then Shadow came along and literally bribed Sonic out of that.
"People can- oof!" Sonic's sentence was cut off when he bumped into a guy that walked right in front of him.
"Hey watch were your....Shadow?" Sonic looked at him with a surprised expression on his face. He sure wasn't expecting Shadow to be outside and with....Scourge.
"Hey there, little blue." Scourge said with a smirk wide across his face.
"What are you guys doing outside?" Silver asked, looking especially right at Scourge.
"Can't the hombres have a guy walk?" Scourge wrapped an arm around his shadowy friend and patted him in the back.
Shadow slowly looked at him with a death glare so fierce that it made the poor emerald hedgehog quiver. He quickly snatched his arms away and gave Shadow a cheesy smile before quickly looking away.
"Same old Shadow." Sonic giggled.
Shadow heard the blue hedgehog giggle and couldn't he but  give him a little smile. He thought it was incredibly cute. Shadow then started observing his looks and his body, wow. He almost had that feminine figure, which suited him very much. And those beautiful green eyes of his were filled with so much joy....he started drifting off to dream land, featuring Sonic, of course.
"Uh Shadow?" Sonic snapped his fingers in front of him to wake him up.
"Huh...wah?" Shadow shook his head, finally coming back.
"You were kinda just staring at me...." Sonic said softly.
" bad...."
"Awww, look at you to love birds!" Scourge blurted out, pushing both Sonic and Shadow close to each other. "We'll let you to have your moment while me and my white babe here-" Scourge quickly covered his mouth. Shadow was NOT suppose to know about Silver and Scourge's relationship AT ALL. Silver face palmed  his face, knowing the idiotic mistake his boyfriend had just made.
"Wait, did you just say.....white babe?" Shadow crossed his arms, glancing over to Scourge with an irritated look on his face. Oh boy, now it's time to run.
"N-nooooo.....W-what I meant was, me and SILVER....I did-i didn't mean what I said before!" Scourge stuttered. He trying to say his words much more smoother, but he was to scared of the black hedgehog, because he knows how strong he can be.
"Oh come on, Scourge! I'm not a fucken fool! I heard you loud and clear!" Shadow yelled, getting close to Scourge's face.
"Shad-" Silver got his words cut off by Shadow, as he continued to chatter once more.
"He was the one kissing Silver in the alley. I know it was you." Shadow pointed straight to Scourge.
Scourge's ears folded down....'I'm dead' He thought over and over. 'I am so dead.'
"Shadow.....please calm down...."Sonic softly said, going over to the enraged hedgehog.
Shadow ignored his plead and continued on, "Why didn't you tell me? Why did you two kept this from me?" He said looking straight at Scourge, "Especially you.....of all people. You betrayed your own best friend and went behind my back with my ex and you guys....smooched. I swear to god you both are a bunch of WHORES." He yelled right at Scourge's face, making him jump back.
"Shadow, please don't be like this...." Sonic placed a hand on Shadow's shoulder, giving him a worried look.
Shadow looked up at Sonic, only to see his emerald eyes filled with sorrow and anguish....he couldn't resist them. He sighed in defeat and looked back at Silver and Scourge, who are now cuddling close together with fear in their eyes, hoping the black hedgehog would spare their precious life.
"Don't ever speak to me again." Shadow muttered to the two hedgehogs before walking away.
Sonic kept his worried expression and looked back at his poor friends who now sighed in relief.
"A-are you guys ok?" Sonic spoke up.
Silver looked at Sonic and gave him a simple smile. "Of course, it's not the first time he's yelled at me, for sure..." He truthfully said.
"I was afraid he would break me like a twig, considering how strong he is." Scourge murmured under his breath.
"Should I talk to him?" Sonic asked, unsure whether he should or not.
"Go ahead and see what's up...just don't let him whack you." Silver teased.
"Hahaha, shut up." Sonic rolled his eyes and chuckled a little.
"Boy and I thought my white ball of sunshine here was mean." Scourge said, kissing happy 'ol Silver on the cheek.
Silver blushed a bit, considering the fact that Scourge kissed him and with Sonic right in front of them.
Sonic covered his mouth with his hand, trying to hold back laughter. "White ball of sunshine? Seriously?"
"S-shut up!" Silver said sheepishly. He turned away from the two hedgehogs to hide his face that is now in a deep shade of red.
"Aww! My Silvey wilvey is just so cute when he blushes!" Scourge teased as he cupped Silver's burning cheek.
Sonic couldn't hold it in anymore so he burst into laughter.
"THAT'S NOT FUNNY." Silver turned back, giving his laughing friend a death glare.
"I....I HAVE TO GO NOW!" Sonic said between laughs, and walked off a different direction.
Silver and Scourge looked at Sonic as he walked away, laughing his ass off still.
".....I'm going to kill you." Silver said to his green lover.
Scourge looked at Silver and gave him a cheesy grin. "S-sorry."
Scourge ruins everything. EVERYTHING.

Sorry for the late update, I'm kinda caught in school stuff....

Anyway, I had a really nice idea for the next Sonadow story I wanna do, but I'm not gonna say shit because I dont want people to steal my genius plot. >w>

RANDOM POLL: Should the next story be Sonadow or Shadilver?

Please leave answers in the comment section below. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LEAVE AS MANY AS YOU CAN.

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