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Sonic and Shadow were now in town, sipping on their refreshing smoothies at "Drink stop", the most famous chill out place in town. Mostly young students like Sonic and Shadow hung out here. Both of the roommates sat  at a table outside, enjoying the fresh air and daylight as they enjoyed their smoothies.
"Thanks for buying my smoothie, Shadow. That was really nice of you." Sonic smiled.
"Ah, it was no problem really. It's what buddies do for each other." Shadow said
"About that...what made you be so gentle to me all of the sudden?" The azure one asked in confusion.
Shadow started tensing up a little. He didn't want to tell Sonic the truth.....yet. He looked at the astonished hedgehog and said,
"Well, I felt guilty that I was pushing you around too hard so I decided to make you my friend."
Shadow crossed his fingers, hoping that Sonic would buy his lie.
"Hmm....that makes sense. Was it necessary to take me out though?" Sonic asked.
"I thought that this might make our friendship official....<sweat drop>"
"I agree with you on that..." Sonic said as he sipped his cool, refreshing smoothie.
There was a moment of silence between the two roommates. They didn't know what to say to each other. Shadow thought for a moment and finally an idea popped in his head.
"Sonic, why won't you tell me about yourself?" Shadow finally said.
"What do you need to know?" He replied.
"Like......did you live here before you came to Mobius University?"
Sonic sighed deeply. "No, I lived about 3 cities over."
Shadow nodded his head. "Wow..."
'Well this is boring....we need to go somewhere entertaining....' Shadow apprehended.
He threw his smoothie to the side and said,
"Sonic! How about a nice, friendly game of bowling?"
Sonic was unsure at first. He wasn't very good at bowling since he had never played it before. Like the saying goes, there's always a first time for everything. He looked at the ebony hedgehog and nodded in agreement.
"Sure, why not?" Sonic responded with a gentle smile.
Shadow grinned at his partner and stood up.
Sonic did the same and followed Shadow into his shiny, clean red car. Moments later, Shadow drove off with a rowdy noise that his car produced and headed straight to the bowling alley.

Within minutes, the couple of two arrive at the bowling alley. Right on top of it, stood a colorful sign that read "Wiley's Bowling Joint" in different types of fonts and color. Around the text had neon lights that are suppose to make the sign "stand out", hopefully to attract customers.....and night bugs. Shadow and Sonic made their way in, feeling the nice cool air that hit them. The fist thing they saw were 10 lanes where people bowled in. Sonic noticed that some of them were pretty good, mostly because they had years of practice.
"C' mon." Shadow said, looking back at Sonic.
Sonic followed Shadow to a stand that held worn out bowling shoes that came in different sizes. What stood in front of them, is the owner of the place, Wiley White. He looked at Shadow  who was walking straight towards him and stood up.
"Welcome back, Shadow ! You back for more bowling, mate?" Wiley said in delight.
"You betcha, Wiley. Size eight please?" Shadow said.
"Sure thing pal!" Wiley looked back at his shelf, scanning the shelf to look for the right shoe size.
"Ah! There it is!" He whaled,  pulling out the pair of shoes. He then handed them to Shadow.
"There you go, pal." Wiley said. He then noticed a blue, shy looking hedgehog who stood right behind Shadow, who looked at Wiley with his innocent looking eyes.
"Why hello there, mate. I've never seen you around these parts! What's your name?" Wiley asked.
"I'm Sonic the hedgehog..." Sonic responded in a soft tone.
Wiley chuckled "No need to be scared! I won't bite at all! Welcome to Wiley's Bowling Joint! And of course I'm the one and only Wiley!" He said with a smile.
"Nice to meet you." Sonic said.
"Since your hiding behind dear old Shadow, I'm guessing you come with him?"
Sonic nodded.
"Well, let me tell you a secret, boyo." Wiley said, shaking his hand towards him. He was signaling Sonic to come close to him.
Sonic did so and leaned over a little. Wiley turned Sonic's head and said in is ear,
"This dag here has gots some mad skills. Don't let his hotness throw you down."
Sonic's cheeks turned a pinkish red color when he said "hotness". He thought he meant another thing when he said that. Wiley noticed his blush and said in his ears again,
"I don't mean that kind of hotness, mate. It would seem weird coming from me, since I'm a 39 year old man."
Sonic now felt embarrassed. "I knew that..." He said.
Shadow couldn't hear what they were saying, but he was pretty sure they were talking about him, determining from Sonic blushing in the middle of their "secret" conversation.
"Very well then, boyo. What size?" Wiley asked.
"I'm a size eight." Sonic responded.
"Size eight, coming your way!" Wiley said.
"Was Wiley bragging about me again?" Shadow asked.
Sonic chuckled. "Oh yeah. He says you have "mad skills"."
Shadow cleared his throat and confidently said to Sonic, "Well...I don't mean to brag myself, but I am pretty good, bowling wise."
Sonic rolled his eyes. "I think I know that..."
Wiley set the pair of used shoes onto the stand. "There you go, mate! Hope you enjoy bowling! And remember what I said about this wally." Wiley smirked.
"Cool it, Wiley. You just love showing me off to other people. Lets go Sonic." Shadow said as he started walking towards the bowling lanes. Sonic followed him, of course. Wiley looked at the two as they walked away and said to himself, "Ah Shadow. He loves flirting with the boys. I hope this one is much more different than the last one, what was it....Silver? Eh, whatever. Fingers crossed. I hope it goes ok with those two kiddos."

Shadow walked over to an empty lane that had already been set up for them. Shadow took a seat and Sonic took one right in front of him.
"So Sonic, have you bowled before?" Shadow asked as he took of his shoes.
"I have once maybe twice in my life." Sonic lied.
"Hmm, you remember how to bowl?"
"Of course I do! Why wouldn't I?" Sonic said as he started taking off his shoes also.
"Well, just making sure." Shadow said, finishing up with his shoes.
He then went over to the machine that had 3 medium sized bowling ball and he cautiously grabbed one with his two hands and put three finger into the the accurate holes. He put his chin up, with the ball on his face, focusing on the pins that were at least 50 feet away.
"Alright Shadow, this is just warm up." He said to himself.
He took three steps back and started walking forward he then brought the ball back, then forward, letting it go, with one of his leg bent backwards. The ball then rolled straight in the middle with an incredible speed. Sonic watched as he finished putting his shoe on. A few seconds later, the ball hit the first bowling pin, then knocked down the second row, and the row behind it, leaving no pins standing. A loud "crash" was sound and Shadow jumped in glee. Sonic was pretty amazed. This is his first time bowling, and he already knows he's going to make a HUGE fool outta himself.
"Ah yeah! I still got my mad skills!" Shadow bragged.
He then looked over to Sonic which looked a little nervous.
"Is something wrong?" Shadow asked.
"No no, I'm just excited..." Sonic lied.
"Well then, go ahead and take a ball." Shadow responded
Sonic timidly looked Shadow.
"Go on...."
Sonic sighed and he gradually stood up from his chair. He then deliberately walked up to the ball machine and cautiously picked up a ball using both his hands. Shadow tapped his foot as he was getting a little impatient at the pace it's taking Sonic to bowl. Sonic looked at his ball in confusion and turned it around a little.
'What the fuck? How the hell am I suppose to hold this thing?' Sonic thought.
It took Sonic some time to figure out the correct way to hold the ball.
'Haha! Now to throw it.'
Shadow sighed in frustration and embarrassment that he just couldn't take it.
"You need help?" Shadow offered.
"No no no no no! I got this!" Sonic answered.
Sonic scanned the ball a little more. He wasn't sure how to throw it, so he just swing the ball back and threw it forward, making the ball roll to another lane. Sonic felt dumbfounded. He looked back at Shadow, who face palmed his face.
"Maybe....bowling isn't my forte....<sweat drop>"
"It's ok, Sonic. Allow me to teach you how." Shadow said grabbing another ball from the ball machine.
He then went over to Sonic and handed the ball to him.
"Alright, now find the holes on the bowling ball and put three fingers inside. Those would be your 3 middle fingers." Shadow instructed.
Sonic tried to find the holes and stick his fingers in there like Shadow asked. Instead he stuck the wrong fingers in there and looked back at Shadow.
"Like this?"
Shadow went over to Sonic, grabbed the ball and then gently took out Sonic's fingers outta of the wholes and placed the right ones in there.
"There you go" Shadow said with a grin.
Sonic gave Shadow a gentle smile. "What's next?"
Shadow then held both Sonic's hands and brought the ball back to his face, bringing Sonic himself close to Shadow. Sonic cheeks flushed when he felt Shadow breathing on his shoulder.
"Focus on the pins, and give yourself a little motivation." He said softly.
Sonic looked back at Shadow, which was now 3 inches away from his face. Sonic's emerald eyes then looked directly onto Shadow's crimson red eyes. Sonic and Shadow's eyes were dead locked on each other, not paying attention to the people and noise around them. They felt like they were the only two people at the joint for a moment.
'Those beautiful eyes....' Shadow thought.
'Sonic, look away! Look away! Ohh...I can't...he's just so fascinating....' Sonic thought.
'He's so damn cute....Sonic...'
Without thinking, Shadow pulled in the azure hedgehog for a soft kiss. Sonic immediately kissed back as soon as Shadow's soft lips came in contact with his. They kissed so passionately that people who walked by couldn't help but looked at them in awe. Over at the stand, stood the owner, Wiley, smiling at the kissing couple that stood upon him.
He sighed happily and said, "Aaah, there's nothing more cuter than seeing little kiddos kiss in my joint. It reminds me of me back in the day when my wife and I first met. Those times were as good as gold ...."
Shadow then slowly broke the kiss and looked at Sonic.
"Wow......" Was all Sonic could say.
Shadow then gave Sonic one last peck on the lips. Sonic was speechless. His cheeks were rosy red and it felt like he was frozen in time or something. Shadow finally snapped back into really, his cheeks flushed and said to the astonished hedgehog, "Sorry Sonic....I wasn't thinking at moment...."
"A-a....U-uh...It's ok..." Sonic managed to say.
Shadow let go of Sonic and looked away.
"Uh...Shall we continue on?" Sonic asked.
"Uh....yeah I said, focus on the pins...give yourself motivation." Shadow said.
Sonic got into position and focused on the pins like Shadow had advised him to do.
Shadow's blush finally managed to go away, as for Sonic's, it still remained, but it's not as noticeable as it was before.
"Now lock your location, take three steps back, pull the ball back, walk forward and throw the ball, not too gentle nor too hard."
Sonic nodded and finished all the steps. He finally threw the ball and went straight down the lane, knocking out every pin. Sonic jumped with joy and ran back to Shadow and brought him into a hug.
"Thank you so much Shadow." Sonic said in glee. Shadow smiled and hugged the victorious hedgehog  back.
"I'm glad to help." He said.
They soon broke away and grinned at each other.  
"So, let's get our game face on! I bet I could beat you at this game anyway!" Sonic teased.
"Don't get so cocky, hedgehog. You just got a lucky shot is all." Shadow said.
"We'll see about that." Sonic winked.
"Oh's on." Shadow hollered.

Shadow and Sonic finally start their game and brought in their all. They crushed pin after pin as the game goes on for at least 15 minutes. The heat turns on when the game comes to the end. Both boys were sweating their asses off so they sat down and took a break.
"You're not so bad, Sonic." Shadow smirked.
"Well, yeah..." Sonic chuckled.
They finally looked up at the screen and looked up at the score board.
Their final scores were:
Shadow: 298
Sonic: 260
Shadow laughed at the defeated hedgehog.
"Well well well, not so cocky now, eh?" Shadow teased.
"Hey! Give me a break! It's my first time!" Sonic said.
"I thought you've bowled before...." Shadow said.
"About that....I lied. <Sweat drop>"
"Haha, I can tell. You're aim was horrible when we first started off."
Sonic pouted. "I'm more of a book reader, Shadow."
"Yeah yeah yeah...." Shadow said, taking off his bowling shoes.
Sonic chuckled and rolled his eyes at Shadow. Finally, they both put on their regular shoes on and went  up to Wiley once more.
Wiley stood up and said "That was some show you guys put up there, mate."
Sonic and Shadow looked at each other and blushed.
Wiley chuckled. "Well, it was nice meeting you Sonic, now give me your shoes and head on outta here, kiddos."
They both handed in their shoes and thanked Wiley. They waved farewell to him and they headed out the door.
"Gud-bye, mate! Thanks for stoppin' by!"

About 15 minutes later, Shadow and Sonic were back in their crib, laying in their beds and looking at each other while they had their little conversation.
"What a day we had, right Shadow?"
"Yeah....uh Sonic...can I ask you something?" Shadow said.
The azure looked at Shadow and said, "Ask away."
Shadow went up to Sonic's bed and sat right beside him.
"Well....I've had a wonderful day today with you and all...and..."
"Go on...." Sonic said, while looking at Shadow.
"Well uh.....I was kind of wondering..."
"Um...will my boyfriend?" Shadow asked nervously.
Wiley don't get it? It's a pun....yeah, not funny. >_>;

I decided to make Wiley an Australian, since I really love their accents. ^^

It took me a while to figure out Australian slang right and how to use it correctly. X3

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